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The project “Global Mentoring Network for Young Generation”

Expand Your Leadership Abilities to Advance the Young Career via a Global Network in the future.

The young have always been incubators for future leaders. With the purpose of the project is to “inspire the next generation to lead with courage, competence, and empathy.” While this work has typically been concentrated on university students, it is equally crucial to create opportunities for a variety of aspiring leaders to explore and prepare for their future careers via their recognition.

The project “The Global Mentoring Network for Young Generation”, is organized by MMChanel in partnership with The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney).

Selected students from the partner university (mentee) are matched with international professionals. Mentors transfer global knowledge in real-time and provide valuable career advice and professional inspiration to the mentees.

Program Components

- Personalized, one-on-one feedback about individual characteristics and Potential using the Insights Psychology questionnaire.

- Two private meetings online with a dedicated mentor. Mentors are human resources who have successful careers in a diverse range of organizations.

- Virtual gatherings with mentees to network, exchange ideas and learn from experts in the field

Participants will also have access to a private LinkedIn group to network and communicate and will receive an e-copy of “The leadership Challenge How to Make Extraordinary things happen in Organizations” by James Kouzes & Barry Posner.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for each participant for the whole project is 1-2 days for each mentoring session (assuming a day of preparation/follow-up time) and 4-5 days total for the community project. Most meetings will occur via the Zoom platform.

In the end, the project “The Global Mentoring Network for Young Generation” uniquely inspires personal potential. It provides a forum for self-evaluation and inspired participants to make small positive changes that brought subsequently huge positive impacts.


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