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What is Mentor Connector?

One of MM's greatest strengths is its membership network of industry experts. The Mentor Connector provides an opportunity for a seasoned professional (Mentor) to provide guidance and encouragement to a member with identified career development needs (Mentee).


Together, they created a separate 1-month program focused on improving the mentor's skill set, while enhancing the mentor's contribution to the industry.



• Mentors sharpen their skills as they teach others, make a personal impact on the development of others, and strengthen MM and its members.

• Mentees benefit from gaining first-hand knowledge, networking, skill development and support to realize their professional goals.


 • Coaches ensure the success and integrity of the mentoring relationships and contribute to the success of MM and the Mentor Connector program.

• Participants who successfully complete a Mentor Connector program cycle qualify for points toward the Certified Venue Executive designation and continuing education.

• The Mentor Connector Program Handbook (Mentor Handbook, Mentee Handbook) provides complete details including schedule, roles and responsibilities, process, goals and objectives, and reporting guidelines.

The Match

A mentor / mentee match is based on several mutually beneficial criteria: career interest(s), commitment, leadership position, community obligations, time availability, geographic location and personal interests. Each match is carefully tailored to provide a unique and valuable mentoring experience for both participants

Once a mentor / mentee match has been determined, both parties are notified, and personal profiles and contact information are provided to each participant.

A coach—an individual with strong industry experience—is assigned to ensure the program duo stays on its timeline, to act as a resource for industry knowledge, and to provide support as needed.


As a mentor, you will develop the industry leadership of tomorrow. As a mentor for the future of our association and industry, you will:

+ Positively influence another individual to share your knowledge, skills, values, and experiences.
+ Gain immense satisfaction from contributing to the development of competent individuals and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing them succeed.
Improve communication, leadership and development/training skills.
+ Expand professional connections through interactions with other mentors.
+ Revive interest in your own work by connecting with members who are changing their career paths, want to learn a new skill, or help newer members find their way to success.
+ Boost your self-esteem through recognition from your mentors, peers and the association community


The project will be suitable for young people who meet the below criteria:

1. Young people have a open - minded mindset, want to be guided to learn and gain experience by mentors

2. Young people love creativity and never stop learning

3. Young people feel they want to break through and get out of their comfort zone

4. Young people want to connect and share with like-minded mentors

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