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Become a Mentor

Do you want to become a mentor? Do you have a great passion for sharing your valuable experiences and knowledge? Are you looking for building an independent and well-rounded future generations for society? Then join and be a part of MM Channel’s mentor community connecting passionate ones from all over the world.

Criteria to be a mentor

A Man and a Woman working together

Experience and knowledge

Experienced and knowledgeable about the field you are involved in. Having relevant background and success is a huge plus to be a mentor, which equips you with its overall view and deep insight about difficulties that people need to break through.

Life coaching

Willing to share and help

Willing to share and help young people to grow. Mentor’s advices and sharings should comes from the willing to help mentees overcome their problems, not for imposing your standards on them.

Study Group

Good Interpersonal Skill

You should show the strengths in listening, empathizing, communicating, inspiring. Especially, you must be able to put yourself in the shoes of mentees in order to create a bond, make them feel comfortable to share their disadvantages, shortcomings or even the foolish things to get help.


Responsible and ready to act as a model role

Mentors play a crucial part in shaping mentees' mindset, characteristic and behavior. Therefore, you always need to be aware of your impact and behave properly.

Step to apply



Submit your cv and references to our email


Practical assessment

Take part in 1:1 trial mentoring with MM Channel


Final interview

Further discuss with our mentor team



Join training to fit in our standard

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Thanks for submitting!

We look forward to having you join our team

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