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What do people say about Mentoring?

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction." (John Crosby)

For young people, choosing a Mentor to accompany them on the road to success is a big turning point and an important decision. Youth voices offering new perspectives and elevating their stories are central to MENTOR's mission. Join us to listen, learn and honor young people.

“No one can succeed alone. Not only do students need a guide, but even I now need a mentor. So let's actively connect with Mentor communities," shared Ms. Ngoc Nguyen, a corporate finance expert.

“The mentoring program helped me to be open and ask more questions in the workplace to assist my professional development. I used to have a rather 'I can figure this out and push through it’ attitude, but after a while, I started to ask questions if I wasn’t able to figure out something on my own. It led to me not only working more efficiently but also learning skills I needed in my field instead of just stumbling through it.” — Ronald

“By having a mentor in the workplace, I was able to feel confident and supported during my internship experience. After the conclusion of my internship, my mentor wrote a reference letter for me, which enabled me to get a nursing support job at a local hospital. This mentoring relationship helped me to obtain a job that will prepare me for my future career as a nurse.” — Megan


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