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The story of Theresa and her mentor, Chelsy

Since 2009, Chelsy has been Theresa's mentor, and they two have worked together for hundreds of hours. Theresa is constantly pushed by Chelsy to take action on behalf of others and to make the most of her skills to succeed. Chelsy was determined to make it happen when Theresa revealed that she wanted to attend a top high school in Harlem. They prepared for the interview for months after Theresa passed the entrance test. Chelsy drove Theresa to the interview. Chelsy waited for her, then Theresa was driven home. They rejoiced in Theresa's acceptance into the 2019 graduating class a few weeks later!

Chelsy is the owner of the winning prize of the 2015 Cabot Creamery Cooperative & MENTOR’s National Mentoring Story Contest.

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