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Micro or Massive: Air pollution started with many people all using motorbike daily

Some people think that environmental problems are too big for individuals to solve. However, a majority believe that individuals can also do some things to solve these problems. Let’s not talk about big cases such as Formosa first. Yes, there are cases that we as individuals cannot put a finger on, but environmental issues do not only occur in big events like that.

Environmental problems can start with simple daily actions that affect our surroundings day-by-day and then become a significant issue. Although those actions do not cause trouble for humans, some even benefit them, they can still badly affect the environment. The very clearest example is taking a bike to work. Both self-vehicles and paid bikes are preferred in Vietnam. The proof is in the operation of motorbike taxis and bike brands are blooming here. They are fast and cheap for us, but they cause massive air pollution in Vietnam. Moreover, at the moment, the percentage of people using electric bikes is still very low and this category has not been greatly adopted and pushed yet, both by the population and the government. Therefore, if every person could change their current solution of biking to a bus, bicycle, or walking everyday, air pollution could be decreased due to reducing the amount of traffic emissions. The most important thing is that we might not solve the problems if there is only one person involved, but with many people having the same goal of solving environmental problems and taking action together, great results can happen.

At MMChannel, we also believe in "Small steps can lead to big changes" and "Together, we can make greater impacts". For young people out there, if you are not seeing your small steps in the future and you cannot get the "seems right" advice for yourself in any aspect of your life, we are happy to hear your stories and get you on a journey with us to conquer them all.


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