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Mentor, workforce and company

Mentoring can be said to be the key to employee satisfaction and commitment, as well as the foundation for human resource development, which increases the enthusiasm and proactivity for businesses and economics.

In a mentoring relationship, seniors help juniors to reach the purpose of inspiration and development through sharing experiences, beliefs, knowledge, social networks,... giving helpful advices and building self-confident.

Juniors as known as mentees can apply those valuable sharings gained into practice without making common mistakes of newbies. This lessens the time for learning and mastering a skills or knowledge and allows them to make more contribution to their business and economics.

According to research data, startups with efficient mentoring illustrates the rate of 33% to gain success, while the figure of startups without mentors is only 10%. This variant comes from the experience, advices and guiding of mentor for the workforce.

Besides, in the case a mentor and mentee both belong to a company, this close relationships also enhance their commitment as due to the fact that they benefit and develop through sharing and learning. In terms of the company, the workforce quality is more secured and improved day by day.


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