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Mentor - Mentee Connection Project

Everyone has moments of difficulty in life, even being disoriented or not knowing their purpose in life. The feeling at that time was like a boat drifting in the sea, surrounded by fog, not knowing which direction to go to land.

In such hard times, young people always want to find a Mentor who can help them redefine the direction of their life, find their passion, find their dreams and ambitions that they seem to have forgotten because of the chaos of life. Only when our passion is awakened can we be ourselves, do what we like, live for ourselves and look forward to future development.

Mentor - Mentee Connection Project was organized with such purpose. The project aims to be able to create a strong connection between young people and experienced Mentors in the field they are looking for, including professional, psychological, or simply a place for them to confide in their feelings that can't be told to anyone. Many young people come to the project with the hope that, they can know their strengths, weaknesses, potentials or limitations so that they can determine their future direction, and know how to increase their self-worth. By that way, they can earn the trust and respect of those people around them, and also a worthy reward for what they paid for.

With the help of Mentors, young people can know the reason why these difficulties happen to them, maybe not due to external influences but from their internal. And when they have found the reason, of course, they will also have solutions that are suitable for their current situation.

So don't hesitate to share your story with us. And if you need a Mentor, we'll help you. Be yourself and show us who you really are inside.


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