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Meaning of Mentoring - a path to better self-development

What is a mentor and who can play this role?

A Mentor can be considered "a trusted counselor" or "a guide".

In other social and literary contexts, the term "mentor" is related to "advisor", "instructor", "teacher", "guru"... In some specific situations, the word “mentor” can be used for anyone who has a positive or a guiding influence on someone in their life.

The MENTOR project's focus was to support the growth and professional development of new teachers in secondary and high schools by means of mentoring.

1. To organize the desk research about the methods (models) of mentoring, especially between teachers in secondary and high schools in countries.

2. To elaborate the method (model) of mentoring between secondary and high school teachers,.

3. To design and develop the training modules for secondary and high school teachers.

4. To organize a set of Training for Teachers Mentors (TTM) aimed at familiarizing teachers in the mentoring skills using an on-line/blended approach.


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