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Connect - Focus - Grow

The Connect - Focus - Grow Program was developed as part of the National Mentoring Project, a pilot project managed by MENTOR National in partnership with the psychologists and anthropologists from universities across the country.

Connect - Focus - Grow is a training curriculum that employs a three-pronged approach – to equip mentors with the knowledge and skills to effectively support personal growth by understanding themselves, their potential skills and choosing the right career direction for young people; instructing supervisors on how to manage with a mentoring mindset and how to guide young people towards engaging and leveraging mentoring opportunities while, at the same time, meeting their goals.

The goal of Connect - Focus - Grow is to create a mentoring mindset for industry professionals to increase positive outcomes for youth and jobseekers who can find the right career and shape their future.

This training serves:

Young people (form 20 - 35 years old) who are entering or preparing to enter the workforce

Supervisors of youth employees

Community-based and employee mentors of youth

If you’re interested in learning more and offering Connect | Focus | Grow in your organization, contact us for more details.


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