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5 benefits of having a mentor

Just like teachers guiding, helping and inspiring us at school, mentors play similar role in our life. They help mentee to acquire vital knowledge and development skills in work and life. So what are the detailed benefits of having a mentor? Let’s find out with MM Channel.

Increase Knowledge

Mentors are valuable sources of knowledge with much better insight and experience. Because they have already been through many circumstances in work and life, they can provide advices such as how to develop your skills, how to reduce stress or become more efficient, etc. You can learn from their successes and failures without experiencing it firsthand. Their valuable experiences will help you make the best preparation for important turning points in your life.

Constructive Feedback

Friends and family members sometimes hesitate to provide constructive feedback or criticism that may hurt your feelings, but mentors can. Understanding clearly your characteristics, abilities and experiences, they usually know when you are off the track or what fits your circumstance best. Without this, your life and work’s issues may take longer to be solved. Ask mentors the best ways to reach your goals.


Mentors can support and encourage you to keep going even when you are disheartened. Negative thoughts sometimes may take control of your mind, especially when facing tough issues without anyone by your side. Mentors’ positive encouragement helps motivate you to keep trying your best, despite the hardship and challenges..

Social networking

In addition to mentors’ advice, you can also benefit from their relationships. As someone has worked for a long time in a field, they must have built a wide professional network as well. They can connect you in their network which provides you with future opportunities.


If you need help setting and achieving goals, mentors are the perfect ones to get advice. Having experienced in the past, they can assist with setting new goals, provide clarity on how to take action and remind important things to notice.

Mentor is like a teacher, a friend who has more experience and is always ready to give you advice and support. With mentors’ guidance, mindset and principle, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.


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